Thursday September 14, 2017

Samsung Unveils New Electric Car Batteries for up to 430 Miles of Range

Samsung’s battery division, Samsung SDI, has showcased a new "multi-function battery pack" that enables more range in electric vehicles: users can change the number of modules as they want as if they place books on a shelf. For example, if 20 modules are installed in a premium car, it can go 372 to 434 miles. If 10 to 12 modules are mounted on a regular sedan, it can run up to 186 miles.

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Samsung SDI also exhibited another breakthrough product called "Low Heightcell." This cell can reduce the height of space for batteries inside a vehicle by applying a cell with a height reduction of up to 20% compared to existing cells. When the height of space for battery loading is reduced, space utilization becomes easy and EVs of various designs can be developed. Moreover, Samsung SDI introduced "21700 Cell and Module," a new standard model among circular batteries.