Thursday September 14, 2017

Microsoft Edge Passes 330 Million Active Devices

Microsoft has announced a new milestone for Edge: the browser now has 330 million active devices, up from 150 million active devices in April. There are over 500 million active Windows 10 devices, meaning that about 60 percent of active Windows 10 devices are also active Edge devices. For the sake of comparison, Google says Chrome has over 1 billion users, and Mozilla claims that Firefox is used by "half a billion people around the world."

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"A lot of improvements and a lot of new features doesn’t really mean anything if no one’s using it," Morris said. "I’m really thrilled to announced today that, earlier this month, Microsoft Edge passed over 330 million active devices worldwide. This number has more than doubled since the Edge summit last year. So we’re pretty humbled by this number because they’re actual users who are browsing the web through our browser, and more importantly, what they’re browsing through Edge is the sites and apps that you build."