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Today's Hard|Forum Post

Thursday September 14, 2017

AMD Ryzen Beats Intel Core i7 as a Heater (That's Also a Server)

A distributed cloud firm is working on Ryzen chips that could warm your shower: France’s Qarnot has won a contract to provide heat for 1,500 social houses in Bordeaux using AMD processors. The company makes a device called the "Q.rad" that utilizes three CPUs to provide heat and serve as a node in a distributed cloud dedicated to jobs like rendering VFX or financial risk analysis. Thanks cageymaru.

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Qarnot's tests also showed "a performance gain of 30 to 45 per cent compared to the Intel i7 we were previously using." In, therefore, comes the Ryzen and out goes the i7. Qarnot is now thinking about what else it could with AMD kit, and has "a boiler for domestic hot water and swimming pool heating solutions" on the drawing board. Qarnot's not alone in using distributed servers as heaters: Dutch companies Nerdalize and Eneco adopted the idea in 2015.