Tuesday September 12, 2017

Two New Amazon Fire TV Models Will Be Released This Year

Amazon is planning to release two new Fire TVs in 2017, a mid-range model and a premium version: both will be able to stream 4K HDR video at 60 frames per second. The company’s high-end Fire TV will be a "cube shaped set-top box" featuring an array of microphones so you can talk to and control Alexa hands-free, while the mid-range one resembles a square version of Google’s Chromecsast.

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The cube-shaped Fire TV has a series of holes on top to accommodate its array of far-field microphones that allow you to talk to Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant without needing to use the voice remote, although one is still included. A speaker built into the Fire TV allows you to hear responses from Alexa if your television is turned off. It is likely that this new top-tier Fire TV model will have additional ports and functionality not found on the new mid-tier model, like Ethernet and expandable storage, but details are unknown.