Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday September 12, 2017

Qualcomm Claims Android Always Beats the iPhone to New Features

On the eve of Apple’s iPhone 8 event, Qualcomm published a blog post reminding everyone of all the "firsts" that Android beat Cupertino to: these include wireless charging, dual-camera systems, OLED smartphone screens, edge-to-edge displays, and more. However, some claim to have found a "hilarious number of mistakes," which include the HTC One M7 having dual cameras (it has only one) and the 2013 LG G Flex having the first OLED display (the original Galaxy S released in 2010 shipped with AMOLED).

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Android devices do beat Apple to a lot of things, and a good portion of the time that’s for a good reason, and others not so much ( looking at you Motorola, was there any need to ditch the headphone jack first? ) . Regardless, Qualcomm decided to take a shot at Apple as it published a list of features expected to make their way to the iPhone (or already are), that showed up on Android first, specifically on Qualcomm powered devices. Unfortunately, Qualcomm is either recalling events incorrectly or isn’t very good at Googling things, because there are some hilarious mistakes on this list.