Tuesday September 12, 2017

Apple Won't Charge Extra for 4K Movies, Upgrades 1080p Flicks for Free

The company’s Apple TV 4K announcement didn’t excite me too much due to the many alternatives out there, but I do like the fact that owners will not have to pay more for better quality video: the new box will be able to stream Ultra HD movies from major Hollywood studios purchased through iTunes for the same price as the HD version. It supports the HDR 10 spec, as well as Dolby Vision HDR.

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Apple also is working with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to add support for the streamer’s 4K titles later this year. And the new box’s TV app will include a dedicated "Sports" tab, highlighting live sports scores based on users’ preferences. That will deliver on-screen notifications if their favorite teams are playing, and will be able to launch live-streaming games (if those are available, of course; ESPN’s Apple TV app was shown during the presentation).