Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday September 05, 2017

20TB Hard Drives May Be Made of Glass

As Seagate and Western Digital push towards 20TB, glass substrates could be a critical component of that effort: Hoya Corp. currently supplies glass substrates for 2.5-inch HDDs but believes that the industry will adopt this same material for 3.5-inch high-capacity drives. Glass substrates provide a number of advantages over aluminum, such as rigidity (thinner, lighter platters that can be spun with less energy and packed more tightly together) and less expansion under heat.

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One of the advantages of glass substrates is that they have a higher rigidity than aluminum substrates and can be thinner than aluminum substrates, making it possible to increase the number of disks that can be stored in a case and increase the capacity. Hoya has already prototyped 0.5mm- and 0.381mm-thick substrates, enabling to house 10 and 12 substrates, respectively, in a 3.5-inch HDD whose thickness is about 1 inch.