Monday August 28, 2017

SS7 Network Vulnerabilities Big Business

Issues surround SS7 network vulnerabilities are nothing new, but it seems as though using these holes for tracking smartphones is getting to be big business around the world. These companies are selling location services. Last month is was discussed about how SS7 network vulnerabilities we being used to access back account even when 2fa is enabled. All this probably equates to one more good reason to not do you banking on your cell phone.

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On Thursday the Federal Communications Commission encouraged service providers to implement security measures to counter the exploitation of SS7. The measures are voluntary, however. (A lobby group representing AT&T, T-Mobile and other telecom companies recently pushed back against Homeland Security’s call for greater regulation of this area).

"Protection is still lacking in most places," Nohl said.

So, for the time being, SS7 remains wide open for surveillance companies to tap and use to spy.