Wednesday August 23, 2017

Eclipse Causes Pr0n Traffic To Plummet

Porn site xHamster has announced in a blog post that cities that were in the path of the complete eclipse, or nearly complete dropped as much as fifty percent, with Nashville traffic dropping 43%. Cities that were not in the path of the complete eclipse saw much smaller declines in traffic, with New York only dropping 15%.

News Image

While it's good to hear some people went outside instead of staying home and taking a white knuckle ride on the skin bus, the article does go on to state that in the hour after the eclipse, traffic shot up by as much as 85% in Portland. Stay classy internet.

"It just goes to show that porn stars can never compete with real stars," said Alex Hawkins, VP of xHamster. "Of course, you won’t burn your eyes looking at ours."