Saturday August 12, 2017

Netflix Discussing Keeping Disney's Marvel, "Star Wars" Films

Disney will be pulling many of its films from Netflix, starting with new releases in 2019, but the company hasn’t decided where it would distribute content from Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm yet. Disney’s CEO suggests that the company may simply retain the rights for itself, but Netflix is in active discussions about keeping their superhero and Star Wars films on its service.

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Sarandos said he expected Disney's service to be "complementary" to Netflix, which carries other family-friendly programing such as animated movies from "Despicable Me" creator Illumination Entertainment and "Shrek" producer Dreamworks Animation. Disney's plan to stream its content directly to consumers is "a natural evolution" for traditional media companies that Netflix expected, Sarandos said in an interview at an event to celebrate Emmy nominations for his company's drama, "The Crown."