Saturday August 12, 2017

Google Warns 700 Publishers Digital Ads Will Be Blocked by Chrome Update

Forbes, the LA Times, the Chicago Tribune, and the New York Daily News are just a sampling of sites that will need to get their act together before Google unleashes a new version of Chrome with tighter ad-blocking software, which will block digital ads that do not align with the standards set forth by the Coalition for Better Ads. The group was established to prevent intrusive items that include autoplay video ads, pop-ups, and banners that quickly flash or change colors.

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"One thing that everyone agreed on was that anything that was done [to clean up the ads] must be done under industry auspices," noted Randall Rothenberg, head of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, which is one of the founding members of the CBA. "Everyone was opposed to individual browser companies implementing their own standards to clean up the bad user experiences," he said. The one-off approach, he said, would lead to "chaos in the ad market." "Google has been very public saying it does not want to do anything outside the Coalition," according to Rothenberg.