Friday August 11, 2017

ISIS Used eBay To Send Money To A US Operative

A recently unsealed affidavit alleges that U.S. citizen Mohamed Elshinawy pledged allegiance to ISIS and received about $8,700 from the terrorist organization through PayPal under the cover of fake computer printer sales. Elshinawy was arrested over a year ago following a surveillance operation that led to the discovery.

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I have a feeling this probably happens quite a bit. With how organizations such as this are monitored, this seems to be a fairly easy way to transfer funds. Tough to say how to stop it though.

A spokesperson for eBay said the online marketplace has "zero tolerance" for criminal activity, the Journal reports, and the that the company is working with law enforcement on the case. A spokeswoman for PayPal said the digital payment platform "invests significant resources" into proactively reporting suspicious activity, and also works with law enforcement on this issue.