Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Wednesday August 09, 2017

Microsoft Claims 71% Of Windows 10 Users Are Happy With Telemetry

Microsoft is claiming that seven out of ten Windows 10 users have opted for the full telemetry settings since the Creators Update. What the blog post from Marisa Rogers, Windows Privacy officer fails to notice, is that means 29%, or 145 million people didn't just click through the default settings, and actively tried to restrict the OS from phoning home.

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My problem with data collection in Windows 10, is there is no option for "Off," it's simply "On" or "Slightly less On." The 29% number is actually lot higher than I would expect, as most people just click next without reading the fine print. If there is anything that will finally push me to Linux, it's the rampant data collection going on from Microsoft.

Ever since Windows 10 was released, folks have been complaining the operating system is far too grabby and that it allows Redmond to collect huge volumes of intelligence on its users. In April the software giant responded by simplifying the collection.