Wednesday July 19, 2017

Video Games will Fix your Brain Instead of Turning you into a Serial Killer

While we have been told for years that video games were going to turn us all into ruthless serial killers and lazy sods, the Highmark Interactive company is betting its investors money on a different angle. Highmark Interactive is not telling much, but it is saying, after raising $2M, that it intends to use video games a source of treatment for concussive and traumatic brain injuries.

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Highmark Interactive has raised $2 million as part of a seed-funding round. That influx of cash will go toward developing games aimed at treating brain injuries. Last month, Highmark acquired XMG Studio, a mobile game developer, and it plans on expanding its development team further. So far, it hasn’t revealed further details about what its exact methodologies will be or what kind of games it will make.

"We believe our video game technology will revolutionize patient management as it relates to the concussion epidemic and other traumatic brain injuries and diseases," said Andy Smith, Highmark’s CEO.

Sadly that is about all we know at this time, but will surely be one to watch.