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Today's Hard|Forum Post

Sunday July 16, 2017

LG Launches A7 OLED with HD Resolution

This comes as a surprise to me because I thought LG was focusing all of their OLED efforts on 4K sets: the new A7 is, in fact, a Full HD display, and without an annoying curved screen to boot. While it is only currently slated for European countries, I imagine that a US release can’t be too far off. It should also be a great bargain, particularly a year or so after its release when it could drop to prices under $1500 (the debut pricing is estimated to be between $1700 and $2000).

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The Korean manufacturer has in the past few years offered several Full HD OLED TVs but most of them have seen limited uptake by consumers due to a curved form factor. LG’s new A7 is completely flat and the look largely resembles that of the current B7. There are 20W stereo speakers built-in. Despite missing 4K resolution and HDR, LG says that A7 offers the "supreme image quality the world longs for". This includes perfect blacks, very fast response time, vivid colors, and close to perfect viewing angles.