Friday July 07, 2017

Kodi Boxes "Threaten to Undermine" UK Copyright Infringement Efforts

In a press release today the UK's Intellectual Property Office (IPO) praised Netflix and Spotify for their "innovative" streaming models keeping infringement levels "stable." While not mentioning Kodi specifically, they go on to state that the Online Copyright Infringement Tracker, commissioned by the IPO found that around 7 million Brits are pirates in some way. 13% of whom are using "illicitly adapted set top boxes" to stream premium TV content. The IPO also state that another report shows that "Stream-Ripping" is the new go-to for pirating music, with 15% of internet users being involved in the practice.

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Kodi has been in the news here for a while, in April when Amazon was stopping the sales of players, May when Facebook banned them from the Marketplace, June when there were lawsuits in Texas and addons were going dark, as well as the Dutch shutting down sellers. As well as just last week when a man was found guilty of selling Kodi boxes. I am not a Kodi user, so I cannot speak for the quality of the product, but in my opinion this seems like a lot of effort and money being spent on this crack down.

Streaming giants such as Netflix and Spotify have helped keep online infringement in check with innovative new streaming models, however new threats are beginning to challenge recent progress.