Sunday July 02, 2017

Steam Has 33 Million Daily and 67 Million Monthly Active Users

Steam is already a monster, but it continues to grow at a steady rate: at this year’s INDIGO, the largest independent games showcase in the Netherlands, Valve employee Alden Kroll revealed that Steam now has 33 million daily and 67 million monthly active users. The record for concurrent users (users online simultaneously) remains at 14 million. In another amusing stat, Valve received 300K refund requests the first day of the Summer Sale.

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Furthermore, Alden claimed that there have been 26 million new purchasers since January 2016, meaning that the total number of purchasers has been increasing by about 1.5 million users per month. Overall, this shows why Steam is considered the most popular digital platform. This also shows how stupidly some publishers basically sabotage their own sales by not releasing their games on Steam (as they are obviously trying to promote their own digital services. We are looking at you Microsoft and EA).