Friday June 30, 2017

PC Perspective Radeon Vega Frontier Edition Review

As we watched Radical Ryan Shrout yesterday, I think many folks hopes of Vega were a bit dashed. My personal thoughts were that it would be on par with GTX 1080 and hopefully a little bit better, but it seems to have possibly missed that accomplishment. Ryan said yesterday during his stream, "So far, compared to the GTX 1080, it is slightly slower to even." Now this is not the full blown "gaming" card, but his is not a full blown professional level card either. AMD's odd marketing seems to put it somewhere in the middle. That said, I think this card will be fairly representative of what the consumer gaming RX Vega will bring. Heat and clocks still seem to be an issue with AMD's architecture. Ryan has his full review posted.

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For the gamers out there, reading this and hoping to be uplifted and excited about the RX Vega product, it’s a tough sell, no getting around that. There is still potential for the hardware, despite the much higher power consumption that it requires over competitive GeForce options, if the Radeon Technologies Group is willing to price it to make an impact.

Like we saw with how AMD's Polaris was marketed, a lot of its success is going to very much depend on the RX Vega is priced.

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