Monday June 19, 2017

PC Takes Market Share Back at E3

We have gotten to the point where we expect E3 to be a peasant-console-laden lovefest year after year. While we might have gotten a bit numb to this over the years, the guys over at GamerCrate were paying a bit better attention than we did. It suggest that Microsoft is front and center as it brought the PC platform to hold the crown for the most new "big games" title at E3. And they have an excellent chart built out showing exactly how the PC gaming end of the spectrum fills out.

News Image

Of course there’s been a bit of a surprising twist at E3 this year, as Microsoft chose to shift focus from Xbox exclusivity to a shared Windows 10/Xbox One environment, causing a nice boost to the PC as a platform when it comes to the sheer number of big titles it’ll see in the coming months. This move is hardly surprising, considering that as far as platforms go Windows 10 and the Xbox One are as close to cousins as any gaming systems can get, but the result is a huge win for PC gamers, who are rewarded with more new titles rolling out from the big names in the industry for PC than any other gaming platform.

Now we can only hope for those "shared" previously console-only titles not performing like total shite on PC when those do finally arrive.