Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Saturday June 17, 2017

GTA V Is Being Hammered with Negative Steam Reviews

It is now painfully obvious what Grand Theft Auto fans think of Take-Two’s decision to shut down popular modding tool OpenIV: GTA V’s Steam page is now littered with thumbs-down icons, with only 21% of the 23,000 reviews in the past 30 days being listed as positive. Those of you who wish you save OpenIV may sign an ongoing petition at - it's already received over 35,000 signatures. Something tells me that Rockstar couldn’t care less, though.

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Visiting Steam's store page for Grand Theft Auto 5, the fallout is immediately evident. Rockstar's widely-acclaimed action sandbox has enjoyed cool-blue "Mostly Positive" Steam reviews since its release, but "recent" review scores now rate the game with the angry-red "Mostly Negative." Currently, only 21% of the 23,000 reviews in the past 30 days are listed as positive, and scrolling down the 'most helpful' list of reviews, there are more thumbs-downs than a theater packed with Roger Ebert clones sitting through a Rob Schneider film festival.