Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Friday June 16, 2017

Intel Core i9-7900X "Skylake-X" Reviews

Intel Core i9-7900X Skylake-X processor reviews are starting to leak out before the embargo that is next week. Enjoy!

Bit-Tech - "The fact that you can get a 10-core CPU to 4.6GHz with relative ease at less than 1.25V with a decent cooler is remarkable, and we have no doubt that it's the lack of solder between the heatspreader and core that's holding things back. Thankfully, the Core i9-7900X still represents a big leap in performance in many real-world tests, especially video transcoding and rendering both at stock speed and when overclocked despite thermals limiting overclocking."

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Hexus - "Our chip seems to be a good one and had no qualms about running at 4.7GHz across all 10 cores. Heck, it needed only 1.25V to make it happen."