Thursday June 15, 2017

Radeon Vega Frontier Edition Makes Its Unauthorized Debut

The guys over at Exxact Corp. out in California are chomping at the bit to sell some Radeon Vega Frontier Edition AI and workstation cards. Exxact has a nice Radeon Vega introduction page, as well as specification pages for the air cooled and water cooled Radeon Vega Frontier Editions. Specifications for both the air cooled and water cooled cards are identical outside of board TDP which shows a 25% increase on the water cooled version, which would suggest increased clocks. No matter what you think about Radeon, that Vega air cooled card in blue surely is damn good looking.

News Image

And since these pages are very likely to be going by the wayside quickly....we grabbed screen caps! w00t!!1 Thanks to cageymaru for the heads up.

News Image News Image News Image