Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Sunday June 11, 2017

New Patents Detail Microsoft's Hinged Foldable Tablet

We may be getting a hinged Windows 10 tablet that offers three different configurations: 0 degrees closed, 180 degrees flat open, and 360 degrees fully open. While there does not seem to be any confirmation that a foldable screen will be used, that seems to be the most practical option in light of the engineering challenges in creating such a device. At 180 degrees, the inside screens would show a single user interface, while separate interfaces would be shown on each screen in the other configurations.

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Magnets and clever hinges would be used to hold the device in the various configurations and to create a near seamless surface when fully flat. The images also for the first time gives us a clue to the size of the device, with the scale of the camera port suggesting a smartphone-sized device rather than a book-sized tablet. The inventor listed on both patents is Kabir Siddiqui, who had earlier patented the Surface Kickstand. While many of our readers could never be tempted back to a Windows Phone, we can easily see the device play a new role as an always-connected ARM-based Windows 10 tablet that would allow a high-level of productivity on the move, to be used to complement another smartphone which may or may not run Windows.