Wednesday June 07, 2017

Kodi Add-Ons are Feeling the Heat

Recently we have discussed Kodi (formeraly Xbox Media Player / XBMC) and it gaining big ground in North America, mainly due to its Add-Ons allowing extremely easy access to pirated content. And while there have been crackdowns in the UK, folks are being sued right here in Texas as well over Kodi Add-ons. It seems that these lawsuits are catching the eyes of other Kodi Add-On developers as well as Torrent Freak is reporting that several prominent Kodi Add-Ons are going dark this week.

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Over the past few days, several prominent third-party Kodi add-ons have thrown in the towel, at least temporarily. While most developers remain vague about the exact nature of their decisions, it appears that legal worries are the main trigger for many.

It seems that some of the Add-On developers are blaming "third party popularity" for their downfall. Build it and they will come. Give away free movies and TV and they will beat a path to your door.

"The reality is we did say the growth of third party popularity would hinder us. Unfortunately, now it looks like an implosion," he tweeted yesterday.