Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday June 06, 2017

Kaspersky Accuses Microsoft of Deleting Its Antivirus

Once again, Microsoft is being accused of abusing its dominance in the PC operating system market: Kaspersky Lab is blaming the company for including anti-virus in Windows, calling it anti-competitive. MS’s retort is that their intention is to merely protect its customers and that no laws have been violated. A blog post by Kaspersky himself, however, suggests that Windows 10 actually makes using his software difficult: the OS may disable and remove the third-party AV in certain instances. Thanks to cageymaru for this one.

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The Moscow-based company said in a statement that Microsoft's action had resulted in "a lower level of protection for users, a limitation on their right to choose and financial losses both for users and security solutions manufacturers." Kaspersky in November threatened to complain to the European Commission but in April said it would hold off because Microsoft had agreed to make some changes. Microsoft said it had "taken a number of steps" to address Kaspersky's concerns, including offering several months ago to set up a meeting between executives of both companies. "That meeting has not yet taken place," Microsoft said.