Monday June 05, 2017

AMD RX Vega - Radeon Vega Frontier Die Shot Faked by AMD Marketing

AMD has NOT shared a die shot of it upcoming Vega GPU. You can see the 8 blocks that each hold 8 Next Generation Compute Units which each have 64 stream processors. This gives us a total of 4,096 32-bit floating point units. The blocks you see on bottom are two HMB2 stacks. No comment on die size however, but it is rumored to be over 500mm2. Thanks to Ken for the picture.

News Image

Update 1: Confirmed real by the authentic Scott Wasson, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing at AMD.

News Image

Update 2: Nope, just sarcasm from AMD marketing. I am so confused.

News Image

So what it all comes down to is an AMD marketing slide. Jeez. Which is what we thought it was to begin with. Just give us a straight answer AMD!