Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Friday May 19, 2017

Instagram, Snapchat Ranked Worst Apps for Children's Mental Health

A report that examines the positive and negative effects of social media on young people's health has revealed that Instagram and Snapchat are the apps most likely to make teens depressed. Apparently, it’s because these programs are image-focused in nature, which makes them likely to drive "feelings of inadequacy and anxiety" in whippersnappers. All I see on my feed is stupid quotes, dogs, and hot chicks, so I don’t really know what they mean.

RSPH and the Young Health Movement (YHM) have published a new report, #StatusOfMind, examining the positive and negative effects of social media on young people’s health, including a league table of social media platforms according to their impact on young people’s mental health. YouTube tops the table as the most positive, with Instagram and Snapchat coming out as the most detrimental to young people’s mental health and wellbeing. RSPH and YHM are now calling for action from government and social media companies to help promote the positive aspects of social media for young people, whilst mitigating the potential negatives.