Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Friday May 19, 2017

French Researchers Find Way to Unlock WannaCry without Ransom

A group of security experts and hackers have come up with a way to save Windows files encrypted by WannaCry. The tool, dubbed "Wanakiwi," appears to work as advertised for XP to Windows 7, although there are two caveats: it will only work on systems that have not been rebooted since becoming infected, and it must be applied before the deadline that locks out files permanently. The blog article referenced in the article that spells out the specifics seems to be located here.

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Wanakiwi was quickly tested and shown to work on Windows 7 and older Windows versions XP and 2003, Suiche said, adding that he believed the hastily developed fix also works with Windows 2008 and Vista, meaning the entire universe of affected PCs. "(The method) should work with any operating system from XP to Win7," Suiche told Reuters, via direct message on Twitter. Delpy added that so far, banking, energy and some government intelligence agencies from several European countries and India had contacted him regarding the fix.