Friday May 19, 2017

Bungie Plans to Make Destiny 2 on PC "Legit on Day One"

If Destiny 2 turns out to be a technical bust, we can officially call Bungie out on it: the sequel’s PC lead has gone on record to assure patrician gamers that they will get a "legit" experience. The title, which will utilize the Blizzard launcher, is expected to have optimized controls and gameplay tweaks exclusive to the platform, alongside some of the more typical stuff like increased framerates. Too bad the game won’t have dedicated servers, even on PC...

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One of the key factors we looked at when coming to PC is that we don’t want anybody looking at the game as a console port. Yeah, Bungie has a long history in console. People seem to love the console games. We wanted to make sure that it feels like a PC game, it plays like a PC game. We’ve gone and changed things, like if you were to compare side-by-side screenshots, you’ll find that the reticle is slightly below center on consoles. It’s dead center on the PC. One of the things we found in development is that we were kind of chasing the mouse because of the way our recoil model works, so we’ve adjusted that. We’ve done a ton of work to try and make [the PC version] feel and play like a great PC shooter.