Tuesday May 16, 2017

Zenimax Sues Samsung over VR Technology in Gear Goggles

Zenimax has turned their sights toward Samsung after claiming victory over Oculus: the former has filed a lawsuit against the Korean company for continuing Gear VR development despite the fact it uses Oculus tech. In the Oculus case, Zenimax was paid $500 million for copyright infringement, and now it may be Samsung’s turn to pay up.

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ZeniMax argues that Samsung should have been aware of ZeniMax's 2014 lawsuit against Oculus but "continued to develop the Gear VR with full knowledge of ZeniMax's allegations and without obtaining any right or permission from ZeniMax to use any of its copyrights or other confidential information." The lawsuit against Samsung seeks damages, profits from the sales of "infringing works" and "use of trade secrets," royalties, injunctive relief and punitive damages.