Thursday May 11, 2017

"Vanquish" Powerslides Its Way onto PCs

Those of you who have perused the Bayonetta threads probably already know this, but Vanquish is officially heading to PCs with 4K support and unlocked framerates on May 25th. The price will be $20, but if you already purchased Bayonetta, Sega is offering $5 off. I wonder if Anarchy Reigns is next on the list.

Whether you’re a newcomer or a diehard VANQUISH fan, you’ll find plenty to love in the PC version. On top of all the breakneck action of the original console release, VANQUISH for PC boasts: 1. An unlocked framerate آ– If you’ve got the rig for it, 60 FPS is just the beginning! 2. Flexible graphics options and 4K resolution support 3. Keyboard and mouse support. Pre-order Vanquish on Steam before May 25 and you’ll get the Digital Deluxe Edition. This includes a soundtrack sampler, digital artbook, exclusive wallpapers and avatar images!