Thursday May 11, 2017

Tesla Starts Pre-Orders on Solar Roof for $1,000, Rolls out Calculator for Costs

Prospective buyers of Tesla’s fancy solar panels may now place their orders, but those of you who are on the fence can enter your address at the official site to determine whether they’re right for you. The company notes that a solar roof will cost $21.85 per square foot, if 35 percent of the panels are active and the rest are inactive. Inactive panels are about $11 per square foot, and active panels are $42 per square foot. Two styles are available: smooth glass and textured glass.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on Twitter on Wednesday that the company’s solar roof panels would be available for pre-order that afternoon. In a press conference Wednesday afternoon, Tesla and SolarCity executives said the roof would be cheaper, on the whole, than installing a regular tile roof (although not cheaper than an asphalt roof). Pre-orders require a $1,000 payment to secure a place on the list. Tesla also rolled out a calculator on its website using data from Google Sunroof, a 2015 project from the search giant that used 3D modeling to map out every house’s potential for solar panel output.