Thursday May 11, 2017

Star Citizen Raised $148 Million from Fans, but Now It’s Raising Concerns

Naturally, Star Citizen is spotlighted for an article discussing the pitfalls of crowdfunded titles. The game’s creator originally expected to raise only $4 million for the title, yet that number has grown to $148 million, and that financial progress has compelled the team to build a bigger and even greater game, keeping its timeframe for release a mystery. However, there seems to be a "journey rather than the destination" argument provided by some backers, who are perfectly content with just being able to play the game as it is being developed. The highest amount donated to Cloud Imperium Games is reportedly $10,000, and many people have contacted the studio to ask about giving even larger amounts.

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آ…the gigantic sum of money has created issues for Star Citizen, which began with a modest goal of raising $500,000 in 2012. As the dollars have mounted, the ambitions of Cloud Imperium Games have grown, and the game’s official release has repeatedly been pushed back. Some gamers have demanded refunds. One even filed a formal complaint with the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office last year. "I’m already building the best game I can," said Mr. Roberts, who acknowledged the bumps. "But imagine آ— the game I can build with $140 million is going to be very different to the one I could build with $10 million. If I can build a bigger and more robust experience, I will."