Thursday May 11, 2017

Square Enix Drops Hitman Developer IO Interactive

More bad gaming industry news: Square Enix is selling Hitman developer IO Interactive and putting the future of the franchise in doubt. The good news is that the last game was great, so if the series does end, it did so with a bang and not a whimperآ—but I imagine the talents at IO will be picked up by another company soon. This follows Square Enix’s decision to can the Deus Ex series.

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IO's troubles will come as a shock to many, given last year's Hitman turned out to be one of the best Hitman games ever and certainly one of Square Enix's best games in recent memory. But did it sell well enough for the suits at Square Enix? The new Hitman was sold as an episodic title before being bundled together on disc. IO has also continued to support Hitman with a raft of updates and in-game events (May marks the 14th consecutive month of new content releases into the game), and players had expected season two to kick off sooner rather than later.