Thursday May 11, 2017

Sony Shows off Stunning 960fps Slow-Mo Camera in Xperia XZ Premium

Sony has published the world's first super slow motion film shot on a smartphone. While the Xperia XZ Premium is not the first phone that can shoot this sort of footage, it is the first to do it at 960fpsآ—quite an improvement compared to competitors, which max out at 240fps. I think the actual image quality needs work, though.

With the Xperia XZ Premium's release date approaching, Sony took to YouTube to release a video highlighting the amazing power of its so-called Motion Eye camera. The video was shot entirely using the Xperia XZ Premium by journalists at Sony's press event in Lisbon. Directed by film-maker Chris Cairns, 120 smartphones captured the stunning scenes using Sony's new Motion Eye camera system. This camera carries with it astounding specs, including the ability to shoot slow motion video at 960fps. To put that in perspective, Samsung's flagship boasts support for only 240fps. I can't believe I can use the word only in that sentence.