Thursday May 11, 2017

Report: Not Many Americans Interested in Buying PS4 Pro or Xbox Scorpio

Nielsen has released its annual Games 360 report, and the latest stats suggest that the PS4 and Xbox marketing departments have some work to do when it comes to boosting the interest of their newer, beefed up consoles: the numbers indicate that few people care. For instance, only 15% of surveyed gamers intend to buy a PS4 Pro, while only 13% are interested in purchasing an Xbox Scorpio. Some of this sounds fishy to me, though, since they also say that only 20% of gamers have heard of the Nintendo Switch, even though it’s been pretty successful.

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Of the general population surveyed, only 11% have ever heard of Project Scorpio, compared to 21% for PS4 Pro. The numbers are slightly better for gamers over the age of 13, with 14% having heard of Scorpio, and 27% having heard of PS4 Pro. Xbox Scorpio also has the lowest awareness among all current-gen consoles for non-gamers, at a meagre 3%. Things look better when looking at the standard PS4, and Xbox One consoles, though Xbox One is consistently the lowest of the two. The Nintendo Switch also doesn’t rank very high, with 29% of gamers surveyed saying they have heard of it, compared to 22% in the general population group.