Thursday May 11, 2017

NYU Exposes Military Code-Breaking Computer Project to Entire Internet

Wow, you can find a lot of neat stuff just lying around with these days. Take, for instance, what sounds like the schematics and how-to documents for "WindsorGreen," a supercomputer designed to crack encryption that would most probably be used by the NSA, Pentagon, and other notable Western government agencies. The researcher who discovered it calls it "absolute insanity" how not even a username or password came between the documents and public internet. Details on one of the previous password-cracking machines used by the NSA, "WindsorBlue," was leaked by Edward Snowden.

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Adam, an American digital security researcher, requested that his real name not be published out of fear of losing his day job. Although he deals constantly with digital carelessness, Adam was nonetheless stunned by what NYU had made available to the world. "The fact that this software, these spec sheets, and all the manuals to go with it were sitting out in the open for anyone to copy is just simply mind blowing," he said. He described to The Intercept how easy it would have been for someone to obtain the material, which was marked with warnings like "DISTRIBUTION LIMITED TO U.S. GOVERNMENT AGENCIES ONLY," "REQUESTS FOR THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE REFERRED TO AND APPROVED BY THE DOD," and "IBM Confidential."