Thursday May 11, 2017

Lighthouse Is Android Inventor Andy Rubin’s Secret Project

Launching out of Andy Rubin’s Playground Studio is yet another spy device for those of you who insist on creating some sort of modern smart home. Unlike competitors, Lighthouse is built on 3D and deep learning, which means that it is smart enough to determine who or what it is seeing and what is happening. It can, for instance, ping your phone when it recognizes your kids coming through the door, or your dog pooping on the carpet. I wonder what the end goal is hereآ…

One major feature of Lighthouse is its ability to report on activity you’re specifically interested in. For instance, you can tell Lighthouse to ping your phone when your kids arrive home from school. These alerts can be set up using natural language آ– "let me know when the kids get home" آ– and when they walk through the front door, Lighthouse will ping you along with an image of them arriving home. Another key advantage that places Lighthouse a step above other cameras is the fact that you can search through footage with voice commands. If, for instance, you want to know if the dog has been let outside, you need only ask.