Wednesday May 10, 2017

Prey - Steam Beta Update v0.5

Prey has been out for five days now and about an hour ago, Bethesda released its first Steam Beta Update v0.5. As was expected, the infinite crafting of rare materials glitch has been removed. Becareful using the patch as switching back to the non-beta version as it could re-corrupt your save games. Most of the feedback from HardOCP readers has been fairly positive, but some have reported the problems below in the Prey thread.

The Steam beta update v0.5 includes:

  • ​Fix to prevent Save games from becoming corrupted. Fix also returns corrupted Save games to uncorrupted state. ----->Also addresses some additional crashes on map loads.

  • Hacking during the Power Plant reboot no longer causes the reboot to fail to complete.

  • Fix to prevent the Player from becoming stuck in certain circumstances.

  • Nightmares will now always search for the player once spawned.

  • Saving and Loading PC settings will now save correctly for users with special characters in their Windows usernames.

  • Numerous fixes to GLOO to prevent breaking and bypassing collision, prevent corpses from passing through walls and floors.

  • Updated Recycling to prevent infinite material creation.

  • Fix for occasional combat freeze when attacking Phantoms

  • Kaspar’s objective indicator should no longer disappear.

  • Updates to audio mix to adjust volume of music, audio logs, cutscenes.

Note - The public-beta-patch branch shares the same game Saves as the default branch. If a previously corrupted Save is fixed by switching to the public-beta-patch branch, switching back to the default branch will reintroduce the chance of corruption (this issue to be fixed in a future patch). If a Save file has been previously edited manually, it may not function properly. Deletion of level.dat files may cause game progression to not function properly.

To use the Prey v0.5 patch right click Prey in your Steam library, then select properties, then Betas, then select "public-beta-patch." You will know have done that right if it says, "public-beta-patch" besides the game in your library. And remember, Steam now has a default demo, try after you buy it and return it if you don't like it system, built right in.

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