Tuesday May 09, 2017

Windows Users Should Want Windows 10 S to Succeed

A lot of people have already written Windows 10 S off because it only works with Windows Store apps, but this guy is saying that we should all give it a chance. The point he seems to be making is that the Store is actually a great idea: apps always install cleanly and have a consistent approach when it comes to aspects such as dependencies, how they update themselves, etc. This method also allows for greater security. Do you think the writer is clinically insane, or could we really see a future where all programs are build using UWP and served through the Windows Store?

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While many Windows users will say they want the freedom and flexibility to install anything from anywhere, the lived experience of this often leaves a lot to be desired. Applications routinely don't install or uninstall cleanly, leaving scattered remnants of their existence on your system. Apps with complex dependencies will often leave those dependencies in place when you uninstall, or they will sometimes remove those dependencies even though other apps still depend on them. Application maintenance is also annoying. Some apps will install background services to update themselves; others will check for updates when you run them and ask to be updated.