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Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday May 09, 2017

Microsoft Edge Bug Displays One Set of Numbers, Prints Another

If you’re planning to print some PDFs using Edge, don’t, because a bug will change or randomize any numbers in the resulting document. It’s funny because Edge is the default program for viewing PDFs on Windows 10. Sure, Adobe Acrobat Reader feels like it weighs 100 tons at times, but at least it isn’t inventing content.

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In one of the weirdest آ— but equally dangerous آ— bugs of all time, it appears that Edge will display one set of numbers on the screen, but will send another set of numbers to the printer, effectively replacing content on your documents. The bug was reported last week and was already confirmed by Microsoft. According to the user who first spotted the issue, the bug appears when Edge users are trying to print PDF documents via the browser’s built-in "Microsoft Print To PDF," which is the default printing method when pressing CTRL+P in Edge.