Monday May 08, 2017

NVIDIA Releases VRWorks Audio and 360 Video SDKs at GTC

NVIDIA is making VR more immersive, and VR development easier, with the release of VR audio and 360-degree video stitching as part of our VRWorks software development kit.

Released at the GPU Technology Conference, kicking off today at the San Jose Convention Center, the VRWorks Audio SDK provides real-time ray tracing of audio in virtual environments, and is supported in Epic’s Unreal Engine 4. The VRWorks 360 Video SDK addresses the complex challenge of real-time video stitching.

VRWorks Audio for Physically Accurate Audio - Traditional VR audio provides an accurate 3D position of the audio source within a virtual environment. However, sound in the real world reflects more than just the location of the source -- it’s also a function of the dimensions and material properties of the physical environment.

NVIDIA VRWorks Audio helps create a truly immersive environment by modeling sound propagation phenomena, such as reflection, refraction and diffraction. And it does so in real time, thanks to the massive processing power of GPUs. Using NVIDIA OptiX ray-tracing technology, VRWorks Audio traces the path of sound in real time, delivering physically accurate audio that reflects the size, shape and material properties of the virtual environment.