Sunday May 07, 2017

Universal Gearing up for "Gears of War" Movie

Does Gears of War really need a movie? Well, your opinion doesn’t matter, as they are already set on making it with a script by the guy who wrote the screenplays for all four of James Cameron’s upcoming Avatar sequels. The movie will reportedly involve a brand-new story, so who knows if we will see Fenix or RAAM in this.

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Universal and Microsoft announced their collaboration on the game in late 2016. At the time, Rod Fergusson, head of Microsoft subsidiary The Coalition that develops new Gears Of War content and the franchise co-creator, said the film would not be based on any particular game but instead be a new story set in the universe. That universe is the fictional planet of Sera, where a squad of beefed-up commandos living in a bombed-out postapocalyptic society battle swarms of alien creatures called Locusts.