Sunday May 07, 2017

Thousands of Veterans Want to Learn to Code, but Can’t

Should the government pay for veterans to attend code schools? Some veterans think that the GI Bill, which provides educational assistance for attending college and certain training programs, should be revised to include more coding schools. There are reportedly nine schools that do accept the benefits provided by this bill, but many who want to go to a coding bootcamp are out of luck.

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آ…after he left the army in 2013, Molina and his family moved back to his native Oregon. As he weighed his options, he decided that a code school was his best bet to keep learning. He needed an immersive program, but on a faster timeline than college could offer آ— he had a wife and three daughters to support. But he couldn’t afford the programs on his own, and the military didn’t recognize code schools as legitimate enterprises. "I could not use my GI Bill to go to code school. That was the number one roadblock," Molina says.