Sunday May 07, 2017

Pirating of a Whole New Old Kind

We hear about pirating every day in our little technology universe, but it is usually about downloading a movie, TV show, or song that was not paid for. Back in the old days, during the "Golden Age of Piracy," pirates were a breed of scoundrel on the high seas taking over others' vessels and then making off with their booty. It looks as though there is a new breed of scalawag that is taking some queues from Black Beard.

News Image

Within a few hours of mooring up and opening his laptop, Campbell Murray had taken complete control of a nearby multimillion-dollar superyacht.

He could easily have sailed it آ– and its super rich owner آ– off into the sunset. "We had control of the satellite communications," said Murray, an IT specialist. "We had control of the telephone system, the Wi-Fi, the navigation آ… And we could wipe the data to erase any evidence of what we had done."

I know many of us are extremely concerned with this happening to us....not. I just thought some of you might be looking for a new hobby.