Sunday May 07, 2017

Meet the Man with 1200 Platinum Trophies

I think trophies and achievements are a total waste of time and only exist to remind me how much of a game I failed to complete, but more power to guys like this who not only enjoy the process but are genuinely good at it. Surprisingly, the guy isn’t a NEET or anything (seems to have a steady job and a kid), yet he was able to find the time to collect 1200 Platinum Trophiesآ—the most difficult awards to get in PlayStation games. Are you done with a game once you beat it, or do you actually try to get all the achievements?

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On April 9th 2017, Hakam Karim - moderately better known to the world as Hakoom - heard a 'ping' that shook his world to its core. It was the ping that announced he had unlocked the Platinum trophy for Nioh. And the Platinum trophy for Nioh was Hakoom's 1200th Platinum. "I have no limits when it comes to playing and earning trophies," he tells me. "I grind the hell out of the game until I am able to beat and Platinum it. Other users might feel ashamed to play many games because they are weak and have no spirit. They are afraid of what people will say about them. I do not pay attention to such things and that's what makes top trophy hunters shine."