Saturday May 06, 2017

Walmart Files Patent for Amazon Dash-Like Device

The retail giant has filed a patent for an automatic home-ordering subscription system, one that is being compared to Amazon’s Dash buttons. These, however, would use a variety of wireless tech to monitor your products so re-ordering would be automatic and not require any input. It beats the heck out of me how an internet-connected tag is going to figure out how I am out of toilet paper or Bounty towels.

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Instead of physically pushing the button, like Amazon Dash, Walmart’s system creates an automatic subscription service that integrates the Internet of Things into actual products and automatically re-orders them when they get low or they expire. You don’t actually have to do anything. To make this work, Walmart would use Bluetooth, radio frequency, infrared, NFC, or other technology in tags that are then placed inside or on the product, according to the patent. This tech would then be able to monitor product usage and automatically re-order the item when it becomes low or expires.