Saturday May 06, 2017

This Is Amazon’s New Echo with a Built-In Touchscreen

Want an Echo with a display? Amazon has you covered with a new device that is debuting in a few weeks. Aside from the touchscreen, they say that the new Echo may allow you to make video and voice calls. Now, is there any reason for me to get this other than wanting a glorified alarm clock, since I already have a smartphone?

News Image

Here is the first look at what Amazon’s upcoming Echo with a built-in touchscreen looks like. I was able to locate this unfortunately low-resolution image on Amazon’s servers in a similar manner to how I found what we now know to be the Echo Look. This new member of the Echo lineup is codenamed "Knight" and is expected to be released later this month. Similar to my past leaks, I don’t have much information other than the image itself. We know from past sources that this will be the flagship Alexa device in Amazon’s lineup. It’s expected to have better sounding speakers than the current Amazon Echo. The screen is rumored to be a touchscreen that’s 7 inches in size.