Saturday May 06, 2017

Microsoft Patents Technology to Block Pirated Content

Described as the first dealing with repeat offenders on cloud services, Microsoft has a new patent for flagging users who routinely upload and share objectionable content. Once identified, hosting providers may easily limit these users’ permissions or terminate their accounts altogether. I thought companies already had this kind of thing in place, since they obviously scan any and all files that are uploaded to their services.

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Titled: "Disabling prohibited content and identifying repeat offenders in service provider storage systems," the patent describes a system where copyright infringers, and those who publish other objectionable content, are flagged so that frequent offenders can be singled out. With an overview of the infringements, the hosting provider can choose to limit the sharing permissions of users, or terminate their accounts if warranted. "Incidents that result in objects being so marked can be stored in an incident history associated with a user responsible for those objects. The incident history can be processed to identify repeat offenders and modify access privileges of those users," the patent reads.