Saturday May 06, 2017

Majority of US Households Now Cellphone-Only, Government Says

In before "no sh*t, Sherlock," but US households with landlines are now officially in the minority, based on recent government survey data. The exact percentage of American homes lacking a landline but having at least one cellphone is just over half, at 50.8 percent. The results come from the National Center for Health Statistics, who wanted to figure out which service certain demographics preferred. In a weird correlation, they found that most wireless-only users are people who condone in high-risk behavior like smoking and drinking.

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The second 6 months of 2016 was the first time that a majority of American homes had only wireless telephones. Preliminary results from the Julyآ–December 2016 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) indicate that 50.8% of American homes did not have a landline telephone but did have at least one wireless telephone (also known as cellular telephones, cell phones, or mobile phones) آ—an increase of 2.5 percentage points since the second 6 months of 2015.